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Toys for 10 Year Olds


A block set for a 10 year old should be a large set with plenty of blocks, and a variety of blocks. 10 year olds have the motor-skills, spatial understanding and the ability to imagine and create anything from a set of wooden blocks. Don’t limit them on number of pieces. They will want to build a tower taller than themselves, standing on a chair to see how high they can make it. They love to create and want to do it big. They like lots of variety in the shapes of blocks, being drawn to different shapes rather than just squares or rectangles. A ten year old will pull out the blocks on a rainy day. He or she will experiment with them-building different angles of ramps for their cars, seeing how off balance they can make something before it falls, checking out the effect of different sizes and weights of blocks. They are learning and don’t even know it, because they are having so much fun.This age really enjoys interlocking blocks like legos, which are great. But today many of these types of building toys come in a set that is made to make a certain vehicle etc. These kind of sets don’t encourage the creativity that good old-fashioned wooden blocks do. Wooden blocks are an open-ended toy. They don’t require batteries, but do require imagination and creativity. Something every child needs to develop and practice. A large set of at least 100 blocks is good. Our 160 block or larger sets are even better. Or combine a 120 piece set with a special set like the “Special Block Set” or the “Whimsical Windows Set”. Any of these would make a great gift for a 10 year old.