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Toys for 7 Year Olds


7 year olds still find playing with wooden toy blocks very enjoyable. Both boys and girls enjoy this activity. They continue to develop fine-motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. They continue to learn how to plan building a structure, executing each step in order. They cooperate as a group to come up with an idea, and build the separate parts of that structure together. They utilize other toys in their block play creating elaborate towns, forts, castles etc. They like to build large structures so they need lots of blocks in a variety of sizes and lengths. They love unique shapes to add the creative finishing touches to their buildings. Consider adding some extra individual shapes to their block set. See our “Individual Blocks” section. We also have our “Special Block Set” or “Whimsical Windows Sets” that would be great to combine with one of our traditional sets. A wooden block set of at least 80-120 blocks or more would be appropriate. Also as they get older they enjoy a larger number of blocks. Wooden blocks make great gifts for 7 year olds.

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