make a bulldozer from wooden blocks 

bulldozer made from blocks

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Boys will love this building their own bulldozer from wooden blocks. (Girls will too!) Most little boys are fascinated with tractors, dump trucks, anything that digs and moves dirt. Watching those big machines scoop, push and haul dirt is fascinating for little boys (big boys, moms and dads too).

This simple bulldozer can be built from wooden blocks in  just a few simple steps. There's no tricky balancing either so it's something that even the youngest little builders can build. So let them dig right in and build this cute little wooden building block bulldozer today! We've also included some fun facts about bulldozers. 

You will only need 14 blocks for this project. We used our "My Little Maple" 58 piece maple block set for this project.

 Here's the blocks you'll need.


(9)2" large basic blocks

(2)4" large basic blocks

(2)small triangles

(1)large arch

blocks needed to build a bulldozer


First take (4) of the 2" large blocks and place them on the table next to each other as shown below. There will be two sets of blocks touching each other with a space inbetween the 2 sets.

These will be the wheels of your bulldozer.

Caterpillar company is the largest maker of bulldozers. They make 6500 of them each year!

A pitcher from the Houston Astros once received a Caterpillar bulldozer for a victory prize when he led their team to a victory over the St. Louis Cardinals that took them to their first ever World Series.

step 1 building a bulldozer from wooden building blocks


Now lay the (2)4" large blocks on top of wheels so that the back 1/2 " or so of the 4" piece hangs over the wheel blocks.

Then place (2)2" large blocks on top of the other wheels so they hang over the front about 1/2".

Bulldozers have a large, flat blade in front for pushing large amounts of dirt or even snow.

Most bulldozers are painted yellow. This may be because it is very visible and is used as a safety factor, or it may just be tradition.

step 2 build a wood block bulldozer


Make the cab of the bulldozer by placing (2)2" large blocks towards the back of the bulldozer leaving just a little space at the end. These 2" blocks are standing up the tallest way. Then put a small triangel in front of each of these blocks. The longest side of the triangle will be facing up.

Bulldozers have large rippers in the back that loosen up the dirt and rocks.


step 3 kids building blocks bulldozer


Add the last 2" block so that it is lying down inbetween the triangles as shown below. It should leave a little space from the front edge of the bulldozer.

The largest bulldozer was called a "Super Dozer" it measured 24 feet wide, 41 feet long, and 16 feet high!

step 4 using kids maple blocks to build a bulldozer


Last of all add the blade part of the bulldozer. You will take the arch and balance it underneath the front edge of the tractor.

And here is our very simple version of a bulldozer, made from a few wooden building blocks.

wooden blocks bulldozer

Now that your bulldozer is complete, there are so many fun things that you can make from a set of wooden blocks!

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