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Light up their imaginations! Add a few battery powered tea lights to your kids blocks. A set of wooden blocks and a way to make them shine, will inspire some great building and lots of fun! They'll spend hours lighting up the windows of their houses, castles and towers. Be prepared to turn off the lights and enjoy their creation's glow.

Here's some simple instructions to start you off. Build this lighthouse from wooden blocks. People all over the world love lighthouses. They travel just to see them, count the ones they've visited and take beautiful pictures. Lighthouses come in all shapes and sizes, but are always strong, sturdy and usually have many interesting stories to tell. So let your kids build this version of a lighthouse from their wooden building blocks. Afterwards make a goal to visit one, or get a book and discover interesting facts and stories for yourself!

Here's the blocks you'll need to make this version of a lighthouse-


Small Basic Blocks-(17)2", (12)4"

Large Basic Blocks-(4)2", (8)4", (1)6"

Triangles-(2)small, (2)large

Arches-(2) small

Window Blocks-(2)2" single hole, (3)4" single hole

A battery powered tea light

A clear plastic cup

blocks needed to build lighthouse


Make the base of your lighthouse by placing (4) 4" large basic blocks in a square as shown below.

Make sure that two of the blocks are slightly inside the other 2 blocks.

step 1 lighthouse made from kids blocks


Add another level of 4" large blocks.

step 2 lighthouse made from wooden blocks


Now you will stack (3)levels of 4" small blocks on their long edge on top of the 4" large blocks. They

will sit on the inside half of the large blocks. Balance carefully!

step 3 lighthouse made from wooden building blocks


We are now going to make the lighthouse keepers home that is to the side of the tower of the lighthouse. 

Do this by placing (4)2" large blocks standing the tall way against one of the sides of the lighthouse.

Then in front place a 2" single hole window block to make the door.

step 4 activities with blocks-make a lighthouse


Add the (2) large triangles and the (2) small triangles for the roof of the lighthouse keepers house.

step 5 make a lighthouse from kids blocks


On the top of the lighthouse add a 4" single hole window in the center laying flat. On each side

place a small arch also laying flat.

step 6 make a lighthouse from wooden building blocks


The next step is to place (2)2" small blocks upright on their longest sides on

each end of the 4" window block that is laying flat. Then add a 4" single hole window this time

standing up on it's longest edge on top of each arch. These 4 blocks should be touching at their 


step 7 build a wooden blocks lighthouse

STEP 8 & 9

Put a 6" large block standing up in the center. Then put (2)2" small blocks standing up on long edge on each side.

A 2" single hole window is added on the other sides.

step 8 making a lighthouse from childrens blocksstep 9 toy blocks lighthouse


Add another level this time made out of (6)2" small blocks. 

step 10 kids wood blocks lighthouse


Take (4) 2" small blocks and place them at angles to the corner of the 6" large block

that is in the center as shown below. This time they are standing on their short edge.

step 11 make a lighthouse from wooden building blocks

STEP 12-Lighting your lighthouse

Now use your small battery tea light. These can be found at craft stores, walmart or even a dollar store. Turn it

on and place the light on top of the center block.

add tea lights to a set of wooden blocks

step 12 building blocks lighthouse

 STEP 13

Place the clear plastic cup on top. 

step 13 making a lighthouse from kids blocks


Turn off the lights and enjoy it's glow!

wooden building blocks for kids lighthouse

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