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One of the most important things for kids to do is dream! Dream, imagine, and be creative. Toys like wooden blocks are some of the first "building blocks", if you will, that kids are exposed to that foster these important qualities in your child. Let them play with creative toys that let their imaginations sail. Let them think and wonder and see what they can do. Here's a fun project for kids. It's simple and only takes a few minutes but is creative and will spark their imagination. Build this wooden blocks model of Moana's boat. So let them dream and "One day they'll know, How far they'll go!" So get ready to set sail!

Here are the blocks you'll need-

(2)6" large wedges

(5)4" small wedges

(1)double hole window block

(4)6" square posts

blocks used to build moana's boat


Place the (2) 6" large wedge shaped blocks on the table so they are on their sides. Their square ends 

will be touching.

step 1 make moana's boat from wooden blocks

They are placed so that one block has the angled side on the left hand side and the flat side on the right.

Then the other block is opposite as shown below.

moana's boat made of building blocks


Place the double hole window block on top, laying flat and centered on the wedges.

step 2 model of moana's boat from toy blocks


Next we'll make the outrigger. Place (2) of the 4" small wedges flat on the table about 3-4" away from the

main part of the boat. You'll place them with the end together and so each block faces a different way as

with the first wedges you placed.

step 3 wooden buildinb blocks moana's boat


Lay (1) of the 6" square posts so it is on the table right next to the main part of the boat. It will be on the

same side as the outrigger.

build boat from moana with toy wood blocks


Next we will make the part between the main hull and the outrigger. In Hawaii they call this the kapua'i.

Take the last (3)4" small wedges and place them on top of the 6" post. The large end of the wedge next

to the boat and the small pointed end rests on the outrigger. See photo below.

step 5 use kids wooden blocks to make moana's boat


Moana's boat had some cross pieces across the kapaui. Place  (2)6" square posts so they lay

across the wedge blocks you just placed.

step 6 build model of moana's boat with wooden building blocks


Complete Moana's boat by adding the mast and sail. Place the last 6" post as the mast and then using

some paper cut a sail and don't forget Moana's symbol on it. Use a little tape to secure it to the  mast and

you're ready to sail off into adventure.

wooden blocks boat from moana

You could also add Moana and Maui by using some of our "Block Buddies" wooden peg people. They come in a set

of 6 people for just a few dollars. They are a great addition to any block set and a great way to spark

your child's imagination.

wooden building blocks boat from moana

We hope you enjoyed this newest Disney princess project made from wooden blocks.

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