ocean liner drawing toy blocks ocean liner

Kids can use their imagination, a few blocks and these simple instructions to cruise around the world in their very own Ocean Liner made from simple toy blocks. Wooden blocks are a toy sure to spark their creativity and take them where ever they want to go. Whether across the world, back in time or on to the future. Send them on a journey full of exciting places and adventures, all on the living room floor. Let them spend an afternoon playing with a set of wooden building blocks.

Here's the luxury way to go on their travels. Build this ocean liner from wooden toy blocks. Step by step instructions make it easy. Soon it will be cruising along to the most fantastic places. 

This design was made from blocks in our "Castle Creator" block set. But you can adjust for whatever pieces you have. 

Here's the blocks you'll need to complete this project.


Small blocks-(6)4", (3)6"

Large blocks-(4)4", (4)6"

Triangles-(2)small, (2)large



Columns-(2)4", (2)6"

Window blocks-(2)4"single hole, (4)double hole, (4)triple hole

blocks needed to make ocean liner


Take (4)6" large blocks and (2)4" large blocks and lay them flat on the table as shown below. 

step 1 building an ocean liner from wooden blocks


Now place a double hole window block standing on it's long edge on top of each of the 6" large blocks.

Place a 4" single hole window block on each 4" large block. They should be on the inside half of the large blocks.

step 2 building an ocean liner from toy blocks

Here's a "bird's eye" view of what the base of your ocean liner should look like.

step 2 activity for kids with blocks ocean liner


Place the (3)6" small blocks laying across the center of the ship. Then add a 4" small block on each side also laying flat. There should be a little space between the 6" and the 4" blocks. 

step 3 make a wood toy blocks ocean liner


Place (2) rhombus on each end of the boat as shown. The short ends of the rhombus will be touching.

step 4 make a wooden building blocks ocean liner


Use (2)triple hole window blocks, (2)4" large blocks and (2)4" small blocks for the next part. The blocks will all

be placed on top of the center section of the ship. The (2) triple hole windows will be on the outside. Inbetween

these pieces will be 2 sets of a 4" large and  4" small block.

step 5 build an ocean liner from kids blocks


Now on each end of the boat you will place a 4" small block so that is is standing on it's long edge. Place is against

the center blocks you just added. Then put a large triangle next to it so it covered the space behind the rhombus.

step 6 wooden toy blocks ocean liner


Add (2) more triple hole windows on top so they are laying on their long edge. There will be a space 

between them.

step 7 making an ocean liner from kids wooden building blocks


Now make the smoke stacks with the columns by just standing them up on end between the triple

window blocks.

step 8 making a toy blocks ocean liner


Every ocean liner and cruise ship has to have some lifeboats. Make some lifeboats by adding a small triangle

onto the outside edge of the base blocks. Then balance an arch on top as shown below. Put one at the front and

one at the back of the ship. 

step 9 make a ocean liner from wooden blocks for kids

And there you have your ocean liner made from your wooden blocks. With a little imagination it can take you

anywhere in the world. Enjoy the trip!!

ocean liner made from wooden building blocks

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Toy blocks can be an ocean of fun!