apatosauruswooden blocks activity make a dinosaur

Do your kids need something new to build with their wooden blocks? Here's a fun design that kids will love. Build this dinosaur from a set of wooden blocks. This apatosaurus is one of several dinosaur designs from Back To Blocks. All our unique building activities include step by step instructions with detailed pictures. This is a simple, table top design that requires no tricky balancing. Wooden building blocks are a fun way to entertain the kids during the summer months. They are a creative, educational toy that will occupy a group of kids for hours. So no matter the age, let your kids spend some fun hours building with with a set of wooden blocks. 

This dinosaur was made from Back To Blocks "Crazy Constructor" 120 piece wooden block set. 

Here are the blocks that you'll need-


Small Blocks-(4)2", (8)4", (4)6"

Large Blocks-(4) 4"


Wedges-(1)6" small

Window Blocks-(1)2" single hole


blocks used to make dinosaur


Make the shape of the apatosaurus body using (6) 4" small blocks. The blocks will be sitting on their long edges. Lay a curved row of (3)blocks for the bottom of his belly. Then above that add (3) more blocks in a slightly more curved shape above the belly. This will be his back.

Apatosaurus had a BIG body. He could weight 36,000 to 49,000 pounds! It was 69-75 feet long!

step 1 make a dinosaur from wooden blocks


Make the beginning of his tail end. Use (2)6" small blocks again laid on their edge as shown below. They will connect the 2 rows of blocks you used to back his belly and back.

step 2 wooden building blocks dinosaur


Complete his tail by adding (2)4" small blocks and the (6)small wedge to make the pointed end of his tail.

Apatosaurus had a long whip-like tail that was used to balance it's long neck.

step 3 wooden toy blocks dinosaur


Now place the (4) large 4" blocks for his legs. One at the front of his body, one at each junction of the blocks of his belly. And one where his tail connects to the body.

Apatosaurus back legs were longer than it's front legs. It had one one claw on each front foot but 3 on each back foot.

step 4 make a dinosaur from wooden blocks for kids


Next we will make his long neck. Using (2)6" small blocks add them to the front of the body. Then put a 2" small block at the end of each of these pieces. The one on the top part of the neck will angle straight across.

Apatosaurus had a very long, thick neck. But it may have had special air sacs in it's neck to keep it from being so heavy!

step 5 build a dinosaur from wooden building blocks


Now form his mouth using the (2) arches. They are laid flat on the table so that the curved part of the arches are facing each other. See photo below.

Apatosaurus was an herbivore, it ate plants. It's teeth were like chisels to bite off plant matter but not very good for chewing. Scientists think they swallowed stones to help grind up their food. 

step 6 wooden building blocks dinosaur instructions


Using (2)2" small blocks stack them on top of the arches, between the arches and his neck.

step 7 wooden blocks activity build a dinosaur


Last of all add the 2" single hole window block to make his eye. 

step 8 making a dinosaur from wooden blocks for kids


Apatosaurus lived 150 million years ago. But you can make him come alive today right now in your imagination!

wooden blocks activity for kids make a dinosaur

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