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Kids love dinosaurs and the terrible T-rex is King! Here's a simple and creative project  where kids can build a tyrannosaurus rex from a set of wooden building blocks. This is an easy table top design that requires no balancing.  Step by step instructions with pictures are easy to follow.  So "dig" right in and "sink your teeth" into this fun summertime activity. In a few minutes you'll have your  own roaring t-rex made from wooden blocks!

We built this t-rex from a 120 piece "Crazy Constructor" block set from Back To Blocks. Here are the pieces used in this project.

Small Blocks-(3)2", (5)4", (1)6"
Large Blocks-(5)2"
Wedges-Small (4)4", (1)6" , Large (2)4" 
Triangles-(2) small, (2) large
Window Blocks-(1)2" single hole

blocks to make t-rex



First take (5)4" small blocks and place them on their long edge so they form the body. There will be a space a the top. This space is where his head will go.

dinosaur footprintDid you know that T-rex could be 18 feet tall and 40 feet long and weight 25 tons?!

step 1 wooden blocks t-rex


Use (2)large 4" wedges placed on their sides for the top part of his legs. Angle them so they point to one side. Then take (2)small 4" wedges and place them below to form the lower part of his legs. These will be angled the opposite way. Now using (2) 2" small blocks make his feet. Place these blocks so they sit on their longest edge.

dinosaur footprintSome scientists think a T-rex could run up to 25 mph. Wouldn't want him chasing me?

step 2 t-rex from wood blocks for kids


Make his tail from a 6" small wooden block and a 6" small wedge.

step 3 toy wooden blocks t-rex


Take the last (2)4" small wedge and put them on the opposite from the tail near the top of the body. One will be on the table , the other resting on top of the body. 

dinosaur footprintBecause  T-rex had short arms some people think he may have been a scavenger and not a predator!

step 4 kid building blocks t-rex



Use (5)2" large blocks to form the shape of the back of his head as shown below. The blocks are lying on their longest sides.

dinosaur footprintTyrannosarus'  skull was 5 feet long!

step 5 wooden building blocks t-rex

Next you will place (1)2" small block so it's on it's long edge inside of the top block of the head. This is to help balance the blocks for his eye.

step 6 building dinosaur from wooden kids blocks

Now on top of these blocks add a large triangle and the 2" single hole window block. This forms his eye.

step 7 kids blocks t-rex project


You are now going to place (2)small triangle and one large triangle on the table in front of his head. Arrange them similar to shown below. You may need to adjust them in the next step so don't worry about exact placement. These are going to be the teeth that will show beneath his jaws.

step 8 making a t-rex from building blocks for kids

 Last of all take the (2)arches and place them on top of the triangles. The points of the triangles should look like his teeth. Adjust these blocks to make those big, sharp teeth show.

dinosaur footprintThe largest teeth of any dinosaur were those of T-rex. They could be 12" long.

step 9 making a t-rex from wood blocks

And now your roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex is complete! Hope you've had fun with this T-riffic block building project! 


wooden building blocks dinosaur t-rex

There is so much you can do with a little creativity and some wooden blocks.

Make more things with claws, jaws and spikes. Check out Back To Blocks other dinosaurs too. 

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