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Rogue One, A Star Wars Story-Have you seen it? Loved it? Now you can build it! Build one of the new cool ships from the movie. Make this U-Wing from a few simple wooden blocks. Kids can easily create a simple replica of the ship with just a few blocks in minutes. All the Star Wars stories are so creative I'm sure the creators of this fantastical saga must have played with imaginative toys like wooden building blocks when they were kids. Just like Star Wars is always coming up with cool new ships and weapons, kids can always come up with something new when playing with toys that spark their imagination, like wooden building blocks.

This may not be a detailed lego creation of the ship, but it's a pretty good likeness and uses just simple geometric shapes found in a wooden block set. Let their imagination fill in the details! Try it out just follow the easy step by step instructions and soon you'll be having out of this world fun!

Blocks Needed-

wooden building blocks used to make u-wing

(2) 6" small basic blocks
(1) 6" large basic block
(4) 4" columns
(2) 4" small wedge
(2) 6" small wedge
(2)4" large wedge
(1) 2" single hole window block
(2) small items such as straws, toy pieces, sticks, pencils


Place (2) 4" large wedges next to each other with the flat side down and angled side up.

step 1 making star wars u-wing fighter from wooden blocks


Now add a small 4" wedge on each side of the first blocks. The small wedges will face the opposite direction 

and will be lying flat on the table with the angled edge on the outside.

step 2 make star wars u-wing fighter from wooden building blocks


At the end of each 4" small wedge place a 6" small wooden block laying flat as shown below.

step 3 build star wars vehicle from wood block for kids


At the end of the 6" blocks add a 6" small wedge. This block will be lying flat with the straight edge to the

inside and the angled edge to the outside.

step 4 make star wars ship from building blocks


Put the 2" single hole window block on the large wedges of the cockpit. This makes a window for the 


step 5 wooden building blocks project idea star wars vehicle


For this part you will use some clear tape. When playing with blocks there's no rule that says you can't

use a little tape to help them stay together. Clear tape can easily be removed from your wooden blocks.

Make the engines by laying the 6" large block on the table flat. Then hold a 4" column on one end so that it 

just extends maybe 1/2" inch out over one side of the block. Tape it in place with a small piece of clear tape.

Repeat on the opposite end of the block.

step 6 star wars activity using blocks


Now flip the block over so the column blocks are on the table. Repeat above step by adding 2 more columns 

on top of the 6" large block.

step 7 make a rogue one ship from wooden building blocks

The engine of your U-Wing should look like this. Now you will slide the engine into place at the

back of your Star Wars vehicle.

step 8 kids star wars activity with wooden blocks


Last of all add some guns to  your U-Wing. You can use any small item such 

as a piece of a straw, a pencil, a stick, or a toy piece. We used two short pieces of K'NEX toys. Just lay

them on the table in front of the cockpit part of your Star Wars vehicle.

And there you have it, the U-Wing from Rogue One.

rogue one u-wing fighter made from kids wooden block toys

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Remember "I'm One With The Force. The Force Is With Me"

You can do anything with a little creativity and some simple wooden blocks!