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Kids, mom and dad may get to vote for who gets to live here! But you can build it! Make this fun pattern of The White House from your wooden blocks. This can be a fun and educational Voting Day activity for kids. It takes a little balancing, but so does being the President. While you balance some wooden building blocks, hopefully the President will be busy balancing the budget and paying attention to the balance of power in our government. Wooden blocks are a creative toy that can be worked into any lesson plan. There are lots of famous buildings that you can learn about as you have fun building with blocks. Follow the easy instructions to make your own Executive Mansion!

You will also find some intersting facts about our President's house. 


For this project you will need-

Small Basic Blocks-(18)2", (7)4", (20)6"

Large Basic Blocks-(2)6"

Window Blocks-(1)2"single hole, (8)double hole




wooden building blocks to build the white house


Place (4) 2" small blocks on their long edge so they are spaced as below. You can use a 6" block to measure the distance between them. You will remove that blocks. Then at one end between the 2 of the 2" small blocks lay a 4" small block so it is flat. At the other end between 2 of the 2" blocks lay an arch flat so the curve faces inward.

Construction began on the White House in 1792. It opened in 1800.

step 1 build the white house from wooden blocks


This part takes some balancing. We are going to make the walls of our white house. Take 2 double window blocks and place a 6" small block inbetween. These will then be placed standing on their ends inside of one of the 2" small blocks. Repeat this so you have 4 walls.

The White House is 70 feet tall. It has 6 levels, 3 elevators and 7 sets of stairs.

STEP 3 & 4

Now you will make the ends of the building. First place          Then carefully stack (3) more 6" small blocks on top.

(1)6" small block so it is lying on it's long edge at each

end of your building. 

The White House has 132 rooms and 32 bathrooms. That's a lot to clean.

kids blocks white house building blocks make the white house


You will then care place a 6" small block across the space between the front wall. This block is lying flat. Then add a 4" small block on each side of this block. Repeat this on the back wall.

wooden blocks build the white house


To make the roof place (2)6" large blocks on top in the middle and then (3) 6" small blocks on each side as show below.

There will be a little space between each block.

wooden building blocks white house

STEP 7 & 8

Now we will make the front curved columned porch of the White House.

First on top of each of the small 2" blocks you placed             Now add (3)6" columns on top of the arch on the table.

in step 1 you will add (3) more 2" small blocks. Only this        Place one in the center of the arch and one on each corner.

time you will stack them the tall way.                                          Last place another small arch lying flat on top of the columns.

There have been 2 major fires in the White House. One in 1814 and one in 1929.

wood toy blocks white house blocks for kids white house

STEP 9 & 10

You will now make the back porch of the White House.

Repeat the same process as Step 7 on the 2" small             Place (3) 6" columns on top of the 4" flat block. Then add

blocks from step 1. Again stack them the tall way.                 a 4" small block on top and top it off with the large triangle.

kids blocks white house building blocks project for kids the white house


Add some chimneys if you would like. 

The White House has 28 fireplaces!

wooden building blocks project for kids


Last of all you can add a flag. We used a 2" single hole window block and just taped the bottom of the flat in the hole. 

For fun the president can play tennis on his personal tennis court, jog on a track, swim in a pool, watch a movie in a theatre and bowl in a bowling alley. All while stay at home!

make the white house from blocks

And there you have your completed wooden building blocks version of the White House.

May it's next resident be the one you would like!

tkids can make this white house from wooden building blocks

If you liked this project here are some other famous U. S. buildings made from  blocks. You can also find instructions to build the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial and the Pentagon.

Wooden building blocks are a great toy to get kids thinkingA great educational toy and kids love them for years. Every child should have the opportunity to play with a set of wooden blocks!