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"Tale as old as time!" Beauty and The Beast is a beautiful tale loved by young and old! Here's a unique way to enjoy this classic tale with a classic toy. Let your child build this replica of the Beauty and the Beast castle made from wooden blocks. Wooden building blocks are a lot like the song-"Ever just the same, Ever a surprise."  Blocks are a classic, unchangeable toy that's been around for generations but each time you play with a set of wooden blocks they can surprise you with the limitless creative designs they can create. So "Be our guest" and try this fun project. Just read on and follow the step by step pictures and instructions.

This project was made from Back To Blocks "Castle Creator" 118 piece wooden block set

Here are the blocks needed to complete this project. 


Small blocks-(14)2", (12)4", (3)6"

Large blocks-(12)2", (8)4", (4)6"

Wedges-(4)4" large wedge

Triangles-(1)small, (1) large

Arches-(1)small arch


Window blocks-(1)triple hole, (4)double hole , (2)4" single hole, (2)2" single hole

blocks used to build beauty and beast castle

Kids love to use every day items from around the house when building with wooden blocks. Here are some items we used to help complete this project.

Other suggested supplies-

(1) paper bowl

(2) styrofoam cups

(5) ice cream cones

build beauty and beast castle with blocks


First we will build the back wall of the castle. This way you will have less chance of knocking things 

over while building. Start by placing (4)4" large blocks on their ends next to each other in a square shape.

Then place a 4" small block on either side of these 4 blocks as show below. The small blocks are also standing 

on end. They also are just a little ways separated from the set of 4 large pieces.

step 1 wooden blocks castle from beauty and beast


Next place (2) of the 6" large pieces on the left side of these blocks and (1)6" large piece on the right side. 

Again they are separated just a little. 

step 2 wooden building blocks castle from beauty and beast


Now place (4) more 4" large blocks on top of the first set of 4" large pieces. Then add a 6" large block centered on the back 2 4" large blocks. 

Then on top of the (2)6" large blocks that are next to each other add (2) stacks of 2" large blocks.

step 3 toy blocks castle from beauty and beast


On top of each of the top 2" large blocks you just placed, add a 4" large wedge. The sloped side of the wedge will face forward. 

Then add a 4" large wedge on top of the (2) front 4" large blocks.

step 4 wood blocks castle from beauty and beast


Next you will place a total of (8) 2" large blocks. They will all be placed stacked on their end so they are the tallest way. You will add (4) to the top of the small 4" block to the left of the central tower, (2) on top of the central tower, and (20 on the top of the 6" large block on the far right as shown below.

wood building blocks castle from beauty and beast


We will now begin the front part of the castle. We will complete the rest of the back later again to prevent knocking down things as you build.

This is the stairs that lead to the front door of our Beauty and Beast Castle. Centered about 2-3 inches in front of the

center tower of the back lay flat a triple hole window block. Then in front of it lay a 6" small block, then in front of it lay a 2" small block. Add another 2" small block on top of the 6" block. These are the stairs.

step 6 kids blocks used to make castle from beauty and beast


Next on each end of the triple hole window block (just slightly in front the edge) place a stack of (2) of the 2" small blocks. This time they are placed standing on their longest edge. Then on top of each of these balance a rhombus. The rhombus should touch in the middle forming the top of the doorway.

step 7 building blocks castle from beauty and beast


Now on each side of the front door section you will add 3 blocks, (2) 4" small blocks and (1) 4" single hole window block.

These are placed standing on end so they form a curve.

step 8 toy blocks castle from beauty and beast


Use (3) 4" small blocks placed on end to curve around to connect the right front to the right back of the castle.

childrens blocks make beauty and beast castle


This step takes a little balancing. 

Take (2) rhombus and match the longest side of one to the longest side of the other. (and I didn't notice until writing this blog I matched the rhombus wrong, you will notice in the picture a short side and a long side are touching, oops!). Hold them together in one hand and then carefully place them on top of the front door blocks.

toy wood blocks make beauty and beast castle


Now for a little creativity. We don't carry a cone shaped block so find something around the house you can use to make the tops of your towers. We used some simple styrafoam cups and some chocolate flavored ice cream cones. Make great castle toppers! If you don't have these you could make just a cone shape out of paper or make your castle have a different shape on top by using just another wedge. 

step 11 wooden blocks beauty and beast castle


Next add (3) more 4" smaller blocks to connect the front to the back on the right side of the castle.

step 12 castle from beauty and beast made from wooden building blocks


The next part of the Beast's castle we will make is the ballroom. You know the elegant place where Beast  dances with Belle in her beautiful yellow gown while Mrs. Potts sings "Beauty and the Beast". You will use 6 blocks to make the walls, (4)double hole windows, and (2)6" small blocks. Place them so they form almost a complete circle. They will be standing on end with the 6" small blcoks inbetween the window blocks. Make sure and leave a little space for the doorway.

 wooden blocks for kids castle from beauty and beast


In the space you left lay a large triangle with a small triangle on top of it as shown below. These form the steps that lead into the ballroom.

step 15 wooden building blocks castle from beauty and beast


On top of the doorway of the ballroom add a small arch. Then add(4)2" small pieces that are on their longest edge on top of the walls of the ballroom.

step 16 toy blocks castle from beauty and beast


The roof of the ballroom is round. No way I know of to make that with blocks so we used a paper bowl. Works great!

wooden blocks for kids castle from beauty and beast

 And now your castle is complete! 

Just like in the story a transformation has occurred. It doesn't take a spell to make wooden building blocks come alive. Just a little time and your child's imagination. 

wooden blocks caslte from beauty and beast

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