sailboat activity with wooden blocks for kids sailboat made from wooden building blocks

Ahoy mateys! Want a fun project for a "inside" day with the kids? Get out the wooden block set and build this sailboat. It's a project for little sailors of all ages. Wooden building blocks can provide your kids with an afternoon of fun that's new every time they play. So "weigh anchor" and let's get started with these simple to follow step by step instructions that will change your kids blocks into something special-a sailboat!

For this project we used our "Castle Creator" 118 piece block set

Here's the blocks you'll need for this project-


Small basic blocks-(3)2",(2)4", (4)6"

Large basic blocks-(1)2", (1)6"

Arches-(2)small, (2)large

Small Wedges-(2)6"

Large Wedges-(2)4"

Triangles-(2)small, (1)large

Columns-(1)6", (5)8"

Window blocks-(1)double hole window



Put (2) of the 6" small blocks on the table so they are positioned as shown below. The blocks should be

on their long edge.

step 1 make a sailboat from wooden building blocks


Take (2)6" small wedges and place then at the ends of the 6" blocks. The angled side of the wedge is

facing up. Balance the end of the wedges on a 2" small block. Their points should be touching. The blocks 

should now be roughly in the shape of a diamond.

step 2 make a sailboat from wooden blocks


Now in the center of the diamond you will place a 6" large block and a 2" large block laying down in

the center of your sailboat.

step 3 build a sailboat from kids blocks


Now you will take (2)6" small blocks and laying them in the center of the boat going across the boat. To each

side of those pieces add a 4" small block and then a 2" small block. Finally at each end place a small 

triangle laying flat at each end of the boat. This forms the deck of the sailboat.

step 4 use kids wood blocks to make a sailboat


 Next put (4) of the 8" columns laying flat around the outside edges of your sailboat made from wooden

building blocks. If you have a hard time getting them to not roll off you can stick a small roll of tape underneath

each column.

step 5 activity for kids make a wooden blocks sailboat


Now we will add some masts and some waves in the sea.

For the masts take the double hole window block and put an 8" column in one hole and the last 6"

column in the other hold. Then place this piece in the center of the boat.

Use the arches sitting on the table with the curved side up for waves.

step 6 make sailboat from kids toy blocks


Take the large triangle and place it on the table with the longest side facing up. Then add

a piece of tape to the side as shown below

step 7 making sailboat from blocks

Repeat this using one of the large 4" wedges.

step 8 wood building blocks sailboat

Now you will carefully tape the triangle to the shorter mast made from the 6" column, as shown below . Then 

put the 4" large wedge onto the largest mast in the same way.

step 9 building a sailboat from blocks

The final sail is made by balancing the last 4" large wedge on top of the tallest mast.

And there you have it, a sailboat made from your wooden bulding blocks!

wooden building blocks sailboat

So come aboard, pull up your anchor, get your sea legs and have a fun day of creative play. And when you're done, you can
"capsize" your boat and start something new!

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You can have an ocean of fun with a set of wooden building blocks!