lighthouse activity for kids wooden blocks lighthouse

Copyright: tastyvector / 123RF Stock Photo

Light up their imaginations! Add a few battery powered tea lights to your kids blocks. A set of wooden blocks and a way to make them shine, will inspire some great building and lots of fun! They'll spend hours lighting up the windows of their houses, castles and towers. Be prepared to turn off the lights and enjoy their creation's glow.

Here's some simple instructions to start you off. Build this lighthouse from wooden blocks. People all over the world love lighthouses. They travel just to see them, count the ones they've visited and take beautiful pictures. Lighthouses come in all shapes and sizes, but are always strong, sturdy and usually have many interesting stories to tell. So let your kids build this version of a lighthouse from their wooden building blocks. Afterwards make a goal to visit one, or get a book and discover interesting facts and stories for yourself!

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