star wars rogue one u wing fighterwooden blocks u wing fighter







Rogue One, A Star Wars Story-Have you seen it? Loved it? Now you can build it! Build one of the new cool ships from the movie. Make this U-Wing from a few simple wooden blocks. Kids can easily create a simple replica of the ship with just a few blocks in minutes. All the Star Wars stories are so creative I'm sure the creators of this fantastical saga must have played with imaginative toys like wooden building blocks when they were kids. Just like Star Wars is always coming up with cool new ships and weapons, kids can always come up with something new when playing with toys that spark their imagination, like wooden building blocks.

This may not be a detailed lego creation of the ship, but it's a pretty good likeness and uses just simple geometric shapes found in a wooden block set. Let their imagination fill in the details! Try it out just follow the easy step by step instructions and soon you'll be having out of this world fun!




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