toddler property laws and playing with wooden blocks

Have a toddler in your home? Then you should be very familiar with the "Toddler Property Laws". Don't know who put these words into print but this code is definitely etched into every the  brain of every 1 or 2 year old. Back To Blocks owner Miriam has had this saying hanging on the wall since her own little ones were this age. Now it applies to the grandchildren. You will have a lot more patience with your little "terrible two" if you know and understand the "Toddler Property Laws". So study them carefully! They will  help you guide your little one through this important developmental phase and into the world of friends and sharing. Playing with toys like wooden building blocks can help a toddler practice social and sharing skills. Here's some dos and don'ts of living by the "Toddler  Property Laws". 

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