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how to clean wooden blocks

Cleaning Wooden Blocks And Other Wooden Toys

Kids love wooden blocks at all ages. We also know that those blocks often go where everything else goes, in their mouths. Hands aren’t always clean and there always seem to be some runny noses. So how do you clean those wonderful wooden blocks and other wooden toys that they all love?

First of all natural wood products tend to have naturally occurring antibacterial properties. Basically bacteria doesn’t tend to multiply or live long on dry natural wood. Check out this study on wood versus plastic cutting boards at But we do want to keep those toys clean. So here’s some suggestions for cleaning your wooden building blocks,as well as other natural wooden toys.

Don’t soak your blocks. Wood is naturally porous and can warp if it absorbs too much liquid. Clean your building blocks with a cleaning solution in a spray bottle and a rag. Spray the rag, don't spray directly on the blocks.

You can use what cleaning solution you prefer. Some don’t like to use any harsh chemicals. Here’s some suggestions.

Bleach-  Use a 1 part bleach to 10 part water solution. Make sure and rinse your blocks with just water after with this solution.

Vinegar-Use a 1 part white vinegar to 10 part water solution.

Non-toxic cleaning solutions-like Simple Green

Mild soap solution- A squirt of soap (antibacterial hand soap is good) in water. Rinse afterwards.

Do not use furniture polish!

Air dry after cleaning. It’s great to set them in the sun to dry too.