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Blocks for Preschool & Daycare


For preschool age children, block play is an important dominant play activity. Every preschool or daycare facility should have a set of wooden building blocks. Wooden building blocks are one of the top eduational toys. With wooden blocks children of this age can learn- size and shape discrimination, basic math and science skills; such as counting, ordering, sorting,shapes, basic spatial relationships, like on top of, behind, underneath, comparing and contrasting. They learn cause and effect as they build a structure and see it fall. They develop their fine motor and visual perception while playing with wooden blocks. Children of this age dramatize their block play with story lines that often include utilizing other toys such as car, animals, action figures. Playing with blocks has been shown to increase language skills, and of course they learn social skills as they cooperate in block play time. They learn success as they accomplish a task and most of all they have opportunity to use their fantastic imaginations while playing with wooden blocks. When choosing a wooden block set for your preschool or daycare consider the age and number of children. If you have mostly 3 year olds then small sets with fewer shapes are appropriate. If you have more 4-6 year olds you will need a larger amount of blocks as well as more varied shapes. If you have more than 3 children you probably want a block set of at least 100 blocks, many more if you have larger groups. Consider combining 2 sets, a traditional set and adding a special set such as our “Whimsical Windows Sets” or our “Special Blocks Set”. Another good combination is a traditional set with one of our “Big Blocks Sets”. The Big Blocks sets are a set of blocks with our larger dimension blocks, fewer blocks but bigger blocks. This set is great along with our Crazy Constructor or our Fun With Friends set.