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Blocks for the Classroom


If you area a teacher of any grade level, a set of wooden blocks can be a great addition to your classroom. All children (and adults too) learn well with “hands-on” activities. You can integrate this “hands-on” learning into any of your curriculum using blocks. See our Lesson Plan Ideas and 101 Ways To Use Blocks In The Classroom .

Blocks are not just for the preschool or early elementary years. You can creatively engage older students with a set of wooden building blocks too. An older elementary student would understand more about the pyramids or Stonehenge, if he or she had to actually build them.Your jr. high or high school students could learn the concept of mass by building a tower of blocks and calculating the mass of their structure. Learn the physics of building a bridge or arch by actually doing it. The ideas are limitless.

As you consider a set of childrens blocks for your classroom remember to not limit your students by limiting the size of your set. Generally the bigger the set, the better. Our recommended set for the classroom is the “Super Stacker” , a set of 200 blocks in 24 shapes. A combination of two sets can give you some more versatility too. A traditional set combines well with a special set such as “Whimsical Windows” or “Special Blocks Set”. Our “Big Blocks” sets also combine well with any other set. Have a certain type of block you want for a special lesson? Check out our “Individual Blocks” page.

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