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Using Blocks in the Classroom

Here at Back To Blocks our mission is to help you provide a fun, creative, “hands on” way to help your student to develop important skills like creativity, problems solving, motor skills and cooperation.

We all know that kids learn best by “doing” not just seeing or listening. Nothing will engage your class like wooden blocks. See our 101 ideas and lesson plans to see how building blocks can be integrated into your curriculum.

See other ideas for making building block play a successful part of your classroom. Ideas from creating a block play area to cleaning wooden blocks.

Back To Blocks makes learning fun ! We look forward to helping your students build a better future-one block at a time!

Craig & Miriam Sheffield

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101 Ideas For Using Building Blocks In Your Classroom

We hope to get 101 Ideas For Using Wooden Blocks In Your Classroom

We will start the list, please feel free to email us any ideas you have found successful at

> Trace blocks on paper, have the children match blocks to the shapes.

> Build the setting to a story with wood blocks.

>Have children write a story about their building block creation.

> Have children predict how, which direction and when a tower will fall.

> Build a structure of wooden blocks & have the class build a copy of it.

> Make or continue a pattern of toy blocks either on the floor or vertically.

> Compare & Contrast-Size, Shape, Weight, Length, Volume of the building blocks.

> Construct a famous building.

> Make a maze with blocks, put a ping pong ball in it and have the children blow it through the maze with a straw.

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Creative Lesson Plans Using Building Blocks



(Critical Thinking Block Activity)

Age or grade: Can be adapted for all ages

Materials Needed: Set of wooden blocks, boxes of different sizes.

Time: 10-30 mins.

Give each child or group of children, a box and wood blocks. Boxes and containers can be of different sizes.

The objective is to fill only the bottom of the container with as many building blocks as they can fit. There can only be one level of blocks, no blocks on top of each other. Blocks must be placed flat. They are to leave as little space between blocks as they can.

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