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“Just A Glimpse”

PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY: This game encourages problem solving and helps groups learn to communicate effectively.


EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Sets of the same amounts and shapes of wooden building blocks for each team.

The leader of the activity builds a small structure with some of the wooden building blocks from the set of blocks and hides it from the group.

Divide the participants into teams of 3-4 people.

Each team is given the same set of wooden blocks so that they can duplicate the structure created by the leader.

One member from each team comes up at the same time to look at the block structure for 10 seconds. They try to memorize it before returning to their team. After they return to their teams, they have 30 seconds to instruct their teams about how to build an exact replica of the leader’s structure using their own set of wooden blocks .Th team cannot start to build until he has finished his instructions. Once he has given instructions and they are building he can no longer say anything.

The team then gets 1 minute to try to recreate the structure. After 1 minute of building another member from each team can come up for “just a glance.” They get 10 seconds to look at the structure before returning to their team, explain for 30 seconds, and the team continues to try to recreate the structure. The game continues until one team is the first to successfully duplicate the original structure of building blocks.

Here are some discussion questions to be used after the activity.

What difficulties did you face as a group?

What successes did you have as a group?

Who in your group communicated most effectively?

What was it that made their communication effective?

What frustrations did the person explaining have with those building?

What frustrations did the “builders” have with the “explainers”?

Did your group have a leader?

What made that person an effective leader?

What would you have done differently to accomplish your goal more efficiently?