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PURPOSE OF ACTIVITY: Challenge a team to think about how communication is needed to improve work morale and help bridge differences. Teaches how each one doing their part can meet a team goal through effective communication.Great communication activity that proves that sometimes everyone is right!



EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Set of wooden building blocks for each team. Separate instructions for each team member.


Participants must build a shared tower using the wooden blocks provided. Each member of the team has their own instructions that the others are not aware of.


Participants must not share their instructions with each other at any point.


Team Member #1: Your tower must be 10 levels high.

Team Member #2: Your tower must be built with cubes, and triangles.

Team Member #3: Your tower must be built with cubes, rectangles, triangles and arches.

Team Member#4: The 4th level of your tower must include arches.

Team Member #5: Your tower must include at least 30 blocks.

Team Member #6: Only you may build the tower.

Remember team members may not share their instructions with the other team members.

Game ends when each team has completed their structure. They then share with each other their individual instructions and see if they have met all the requirements. Discuss the following after the activity.

Have the team rate their effectiveness on a 1-10 scale (1 meaning you didn’t work well together, 10 meaning you were extraordinary).

How many of the individual instructions did we complete?

What instructions did we not complete?Why were you not able to complete them?

Was there a leader in our group?

What did that person do to help our group accomplish our goal?

What difficulties did you face?

How did you resolve difficulties?

How did you feel throughout the activity?

Who in the group communicated the best?How did they communicate?

What can you learn about team differences and team morale from this activity?