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Why Buy Handmade Toys

We are a member of the Handmade Toy Alliance. An alliance of toy stores, toy makers, and children’s goods producers, who are committed to preserving unique handmade toys and children’s products in the U.S.A.

We make these handmade wooden blocks from our location in Kaysville, Utah. We feel it is important to preserve the tradition of quality handcrafted products.

Handcrafted toys are becoming a thing of the past. Making a conscious effort to buy handmade, can help reverse this trend. Supporting local, handmade businesses can help support our local economies and provide you with quality, unique toys and gifts.

Many of us are living on less these days. We put more thought into our purchases. Handcrafted toys are one way to ensure your dollars are well spent.Don’t waste your money on a “big box store” toy that lasts only a short time.

Not only are handmade items a great, lasting value, buying handmade helps support our local economy. Support local mom and pop stores, farmers markets and craft shows. Visit them and learn their story. Discover their beautiful, unique, made with care, items. Re- instill the value of American craftsmanship in your family.

What can we do to improve the quality of our children’s toys? How can we stimulate our local economies? How can we provide our children with the great, lasting toys that we remember?


If everyone made the pledge to buy just one hand crafted product for someone on their gift list this year, think of the thousands of businesses that will grow and nourish our communities. Think of the great toys that children could enjoy.

Join the business members of the Handmade Toy Alliance and pledge to buy handmade. It will be the easiest choice you made yet!

You can visit the Handmade Toy Alliance at