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Why Buy Our Blocks?

We sell a lot of blocks, in a bucket, at an affordable price.


We believe that a good number of blocks is important. Enough not to limit their creativity, enough to share in group play, and enough for limitless structures. We’ve found you can never have too many building blocks.

Our blocks are of adequate size and weight to make stable structures. Some companies sell you lots of blocks but they are small and would topple easily. Check out the measurements of our wood blocks and compare.

These are natural wood blocks with no paints, dyes, or stains. They are safety tested and approved.


Our blocks come in an easy to store and carry bucket. This is a hard plastic bucket with a metal handle. As a parent, this was one of my favorite features of the blocks. Dump them out easily, and when you are done you don’t have to arrange them in a cart they will only fit in one way, or put them in a bag that can rip or tear. You just toss them back in the bucket, put on the lid, and they’re back in the closet. Little ones can carry them by the handle, and the buckets are virtually indestructible. We also have an easy to open lid.

We offer three different colors of buckets, along with white, so you can personalize your bucket of blocks for your child.


We are a family run business, and in today’s economy we understand that economical, but high quality, lasting toys are important to you as a parent. Think of how much you can spend on a toy from the big box store, that lasts only a short time.

The price of blocks is a much better investment for your hard earned dollar. For example, our children have had their blocks for 20+ years. This is after 5 children(4 of them boys) and numberless friends who have used and abused them for hours. They are still in great shape. If you spent $75 on blocks, and you had them for 20 years, you would be spending $3.75 per year. Pretty good investment!

We do feel it is important to keep the price as affordable as we can, while providing a quality, long lasting product. Our blocks are made from poplar. This is a hardwood but is more affordable than maple. Our block prices are several times less expensive than maple. They are still very durable and will last for a very long time. Plan on your blocks lasting for generations!

We also guarantee our blocks. If you have one crack or splinter through normal use we will replace it for free.