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Why Buy Wooden Toys?

Why “wood” you want to buy wooden toys for your child?

Many years ago many children’s toys were made from wood. Today the majority of toys are made all or in part from plastics. Plastic toys can be great. They come in bright colors and can be formed in all kinds of shapes. So why would you want wooden toys for your family? Here are some reasons to consider wooden toys for at least some of your child’s toy collection. Wooden toys are safe, foster imagination and are a great investment because they are durable and lasting.

Wooden toys are safe from harmful chemical.Young children are especially sensitive to chemical exposure because of their developing bodies. They also tend to chew or “mouth” toys. Plastic toys can contain chemicals such as phthalates, BPA or PVC. These chemicals can mimic or suppress normal hormone regulation and have health concerns related to early puberty, obesity,and increased risk or cancers. We’ve all heard to the recalls associated with lead in toys. Lead ingestion can lead to brain and learning disabilities. You can be more confident that the toys you purchase for your child are safe and chemical free if you are purchasing natural wooden toys. When choosing wooden toys, look for solid wood products. Pressed wood or composite wood products can contain harmful adhesives or glues that can contain formaldehyde. When you choose untreated or unpainted wooden toy products you don’t have to concerned about the levels of lead or other toxins in the paints or coatings. Although there are continuing to be more regulations banning or limiting exposure to these harmful chemical, buying a natural wooden toy makes you confident you have no risk of exposing your child to these or other harmful substances. All of Back To Blocks products are made from natural untreated, unpainted wood. All our wood products and the plastic buckets they are packaged in, have been tested and comply with all regulations for children’s product in regards to these substances.

Wooden toys typically are toys that tend to foster imagination. Wooden toys don’t need batteries, electricity or software. They are the kinds of toys that allow a child to think up many uses for the toys. They can develop new games, or outcomes and wooden toys encourage interaction and role playing. Think of how they could play differently each time with a wooden train set, or a set or wooden blocks. Wooden toys are not flashy but have a natural beauty and a great texture that kids love. Many toys of today especially those with electronics tend to lead to sensory overload-if not for the child, surely for the parent. Ever had the toy that the child loves to push the button that makes an electronic noise. They push it over and over again until you secretly want to throw it away. Have you had those same thoughts about a wooden puzzle, shape sorter, wooden car or train or a set of wooden blocks? Wooden toys usually come with no instructions, or complicated directions, or levels they have to accomplish. They are plain, and encourage creative open ended play. The kind of play that helps them develop many cognitive skills.

Wooden toys are durable and lasting. A wooden toy will stand up to lots of use and abuse. They are not like the inexpensive plastic toys that are broken before you know it. They can last for years. Often they become a family favorite toy that is passed down from generation to generation. Those special wooden toys you played with, have a special sentimental value that you as a parent and grandparent want to share with your youngsters. Compare the value of a wooden toy with many of the cheap plastic trinkets seen everywhere today. They may cost more initially, but they are a great toy that lasts and is a great value for your dollar.

So with all these advantages why not break out of the “plastic” mold and give wooden toys a try? You and your child will be happy with your decision to buy a safe, creative and heirloom quality toy.