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Extra large set of wooden blocks Zoom


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OUR LARGEST SET of building blocks for children.

The most wooden blocks in the biggest variety of shapes.

More creative building.

Awesome for older kids and groups.

Recommended for preschools, daycare and classroom settings.

190 Blocks

24 Shapes

Comes in a 6 gallon bucket(Only available in white.)

White easy open lid


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Product Description


    It’s not much fun, if you have a great idea and run out of blocks to build it. No running out of blocks with this extra large wooden block set.


    • Small Basic Blocks (32)-2 inch blocks, (32)-4 inch blocks, (12)-6 inch blocks, (8)-8 inch blocks
    • Large Basic Blocks (12)-2 inch blocks, (8)-4 inch blocks,(8)-6 inch blocks, (4)-8 inch blocks
    • Arches (6)-small arches
    • Triangles (4)-small triangles, (4)-large triangles
    • Small Wedges (4)-4 inch wedges, (4)-6 inch wedges
    • Large Wedges (4)-4 inch wedges, (2)-6 inch wedges
    • Columns (8)-4 inch columns, (8)-6 inch columns, (6)-8 inch columns
    • Square Posts (6)-4 inch posts, (6)-6 inch posts
    • Windows (2)- 2 inch single windows, (2)-4 inch single window blocks, (4) double window blocks, (4)triple window blocks
    • Small basic blocks are 3/4" thick x 1 1/2" wide in the different lengths. Large basic blocks are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" in the different lengths.

    It contains our most different shapes too. You can’t build fun, interesting structures without some triangles, wedges, or arches. We have a unique block we call our windows. It is a block with a hole drilled in it. We have columns which fit into this window block. Kids love them! When we have taken our product to fairs and let kids play, these are the very most popular building block. Transform this mega set of building blocks into castles, cathedrals, forts, and spaceships using this big bunch of building blocks in many fun-shapes. Whether your children are older and need a large number of blocks, or are young and will grow into it, you will get the most versatility from this great wooden block set. This is a full 6 gallon bucket of toy wooden blocks just waiting to be turned into all kinds of creations.

    Building blocks for children are a great toy that is natural,educational, last for many years, and kids will play with wooden blocks for hours. They will also play with wooden blocks over many years. Unlike many toys today that break or lose their appeal, building blocks are a great family investment! Think about the following questions when you consider the value of a toy for your child. How long did the last toy you bought your child last? Wooden blocks can survive even generations of play. Not many toys can claim that these days. How long was your child interested in playing with that toy? For many toys that may be only a month or two or even only a few days. Children are interested in playing with wooden blocks from toddler age to ages 10 or 12 or even more. And teens and even adults certainly can enjoy them too. To get at least 10-12 years of use out of a toy and then pass them down to the next child is a great value. How much did you pay for it?

    At Back To Blocks one of our priorities is to make our blocks affordable. Compare and see for yourselves. In considering the value of wooden blocks- know that they last, they get played with and our blocks are affordable!

    This huge bucket of building blocks is the perfect addition to any classroom! Whether it is a daycare, preschool, elementary or even upper grades, a wooden block set in your classroom can be for more than just play time. “Build” wooden blocks into your curriculum. You can include blocks in your lesson plans for math, science, writing, social studies or any subject. Blocks creatively teach using a“hands on” method developing many kinds of critical thinking skills. See our “Helps For Using Blocks In The Classroom” section. In this section, add your ideas to our “101 Ideas For Using Blocks In TheClassroom” . We also have “Lesson Plans” available that can be adjusted for all ages.

Product's Review
    1. Spent Hours Playing With These Blocks Review by dg

      “We have spent hours playing with these blocks, and they are GREAT!! They are very durable, have a great variety of shapes, and each piece is finished so well that fit together perfectly for any structure you can dream up. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a toy that entertains, and will last for a long time.” (Posted on 3/3/2014)

    2. Family Fun For Everyone Review by David

      “Our children have loved these blocks since we first got them! All the kids, ages 16-3, get in on the fun, creating their own buildings, and interacting with one another! Even Dad and Mom get in on the creative expression and imagination-building moments! A perfect way to share quality family time– talking, working together, sharing ideas, and building relationships while having a ton of FUN! These blocks are very well made- no splinters or rough spots, and they are perfectly square- very important when a 6-year-old is working on level 7 of his new office building! I am sure that these blocks will last through our kids, and be around for the next generation to enjoy as well! Thank you for providing hours of entertainment at a very affordable price!” (Posted on 2/27/2014)

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